…new dog walking shoes……

I love going for walks with sweetie-pie.  And each spring requires a new pair of dog walking shoes.  Something comfortable, something that can get dirty because we may end up on muddy trails, and something with a bit of a smile.  The smile part of these are the soles, they are pink.  And what girl doesn’t love pink:)!

…snakeskin is everywhere………..

Snakeskin is everywhere.  And everywhere I go,when wearing this short spring rainjacket, people comment on it, it is so in.  Of course, next season, when I still would like to wear it, it will probably be so out:)!

I liked it because of the collar.  It drapes and curves beautifully.  And the jacket has contrast piping throughout, including the inside.

The blouse is a cowl neck, sleevesless in silk.

…quince blossoms………..

This was a shared shrub with my neighbor, but I dug up my part a couple of years ago.  It is quite stubborn and lays new growth with deep roots quite readily.  Very annoying as I must dig deep several times each summer to get rid of the new branches.  I think of it as a weed shrub.

But my neighbor loves it. And I do love the pretty spring blossoms.

…it is always hard to let go of sparkles……

A couple of summer cotton sweaters that made it to the bin in my spring clean up.  I bought two, identicals, of them when I purchased them because I loved the jewel encrusted neckline so much.  And I did wear them and wear them –  both.  But, sadly, they are so worn, that they are now no longer.

As a girl, it is always hard to let go of sparkles…..:)