…baby tree hugger……

Way way up in my maple tree is a nest.  And in the nest lives one or more baby raccoons.  During the day, they snooze and snooze, finding the best position, and learning that when you snooze, you must wedge yourself between some limbs and become a tree hugger.

They learned this the hard way.  Earlier this month, my neighbor heard a thump, and then a scramble where mother raccoon quickly descended because baby raccoon had fallen 25ft to the ground.  Baby raccoon forgot to hug the tree.  Mother picked up  baby raccoon and brought him back to the nest.  The baby raccoon was no worse for wear.

You can see, that baby raccoon learned a lot that day.  He is firmly wedged and hugging the tree.

…job getting you stressed out?……need a vacation?…

Got a new umbrella, bigger, better. So playing around.  Had the flash on slow rear sync for ghosting and lighting flares. Thought the whole lighting thing helped with the crazy stressed out look.

No, am not really stressed out, just playing around with that too:)

Have a great day!:)

…early morning breakfast………

……goslings feeding early in the morning at the lake…, very early Sunday morning…..

UPDATE – the …lilacs at their peak…photo – I am happy to share with you that GETTY Images has requested the  lilacs photo.  However, that means that it will no longer be available at my Redbubble shop.
Should you wish to licence this photo, please email me and I will help you arrange that through Getty.:)    Best Jane

…softly through the light………

I framed this print into a custom frame  this morning, for my bedroom.  Below are pictures, one against a dark background and the other against a light background.

This is available as a card or fine art print at my Redbubble Shop – here


I really wanted something simple as the frame is quite ornate.  And I wanted something blush pink with soft feminity to add that romantic feel to my bedroom.  As you can see, it works well in both a light and dark room.  My bedroom is more light, light drapes and bedding with a touch of dark in some pillows.

A print like this would work equally well in a classic modern frame with straight edges in the frame.  Simple and elegant.

…lilacs in french flower pot………

I am extending my cedar hedge and needed to cut 3 large branches that were leaning over to my neighbors.  The bouquet is courtesy of  that lilac branch.  The pot now sits on my mantel.

Happy Mother’s Day!

This is available as a card or fine art print at my Redbubble Shop – here

…How to set your blog so that comments are not automatically followed……….

Hi Everyone:

Not long ago, I started to receive everyone’s comments when I left a comment on someone’s blog.  It drove me crazy receiving email after email.  I had not made a request to follow these comments.     But I have found a way to not have this happen on my blog for people who leave comments here.

  • Go to your Dashboard, then Settings, then Discussion.
  • Scroll down until you see the two large ‘boxes’.
  • Below that there are three options. One is to ”Show a follow comments option in the comments form’‘. It is checked by default. Uncheck it.
  • Scroll on down and click Save Changes.
  • Wait for the page to re-load then check if the change you made was indeed saved.

So for all my followers, and visitors, if you leave a comment, you will NOT have ALL the comments sent to your email box.

Happy Day to you all!:))

Best Jane & Boucle