…..”Wilson” has found his way to our beach……..

When I saw this ball on the beach, left and forgotten, I immediately thought of the Tom Hanks movie “Castaway”.  In the movie, he befriends a Wilson ball, which he called “Wilson”.

Wilson must have drifted on the ocean jet streams, up the St. Lawrence River, through the locks, the Thousand Island river and then landed on the shores of Lake Ontario.  Quite a journey for a ball.:))

…”Wilson” ….:))

…hosta flowers……..

This is from a very large lemon hosta plant.  I planted 2 of this variety last year and they grew into giants this year. Each are 5 feet across already!  I wonder how big they will be next year:)

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…lady in a white summer hat……….

I have just spent a week knocked out by a surprise, gotcha, summer cold.  Yesterday was the first day that I felt like doing more than absolutely nothing.  What better way to do something inside (it is 32C and very humid, with thunderstorms overhead) than by pulling out the camera and flashes.

This is what I came up with while playing with my camera and flashes yesterday afternoon.