…another one from the shoot on Friday………

This one I liked because you can see the shape of the tophat.  The other one I liked because it had a feeling of a person.

The tophat is quite special to me.  I was 17, and my boyfriend at the time had a tophat.  In those day, tophats were still worn for certain special occasions, such as weddings and special affairs.  One afternoon, he said he was going to buy me a tophat, and we went downtown to St. Catherine Street in Montreal, to Classy Formalwear.  If you are Canadian, you probably remember them.  I tried it on, and M.L. purchased this hat for me.

Someone accidentally sat on it in Jasper, Alberta, as we were using it for a talent show we were putting on.  There is a big crease in the center.  But it is still with me, a genuine tophat.


…one long beautiful wave…………

We were so fortunate on Sunday to have beautiful south winds.  It was very warm for a November day, though there were hazy clouds in the sky.  Winter is on our doorstep, and we will not have such a day again until at least March.

…Lake Ontario…..Sunday………

This is available as a fine art print.

…it’s all about the light………..

I envisioned almost spotlight lighting on me,  with lots of surrounding black, using flash,  and I am happy with the results.

This was an experiment  and I used black backgrounds, a black chair for the set up.  And two flash umbrellas camera right.



…my feel good inspiration board……while I work……..

This is supposed to be my business bulletin board for contact numbers at a glance and other at a glance info.

I don’t know what happened…….but somehow it morphed all on its own to my feel good inspiration board.  The business info is buried under the pics, and there are only 3 business contact info sheets visible (I blurred out the numbers and names).  How can this happen? :))))))

I love this board, it does make me feel good when I look at it.  I just looked into expanding it.  I will get two 40 inch wide cork boards for a mix of photos, inspiration, and business info.

…this morning………November at the Lake……..

November is not my favorite month of the year…actually a toss up between November and February as the least favorite.  When I think of November, this image is the kind of picture in my mind that I see, very November.

All the leaves are gone…skies are grey……cold is settling in….windy…….

Trying out my new 24mm lens this morning at the Lake with Boucle.

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