…first view of the lake…..after the storm…….


We had quite a storm.  Being by the lake, I received 40cm (16 inches) – went out and measured it.  Spent two whole days going out again and again shovelling.

After the last of the shovelling yesterday morning, Boucle and I headed to the lake at lunch.  Most of the roads by the lake had not been plowed, so there are huge snow ruts and only one car can pass.  We had to do the pass dance with a few other cars.  Thank goodness for good snow tires.

It was beautiful.

Seeing the lake with all the freshly fallen snow was wonderful, this was our first happy view. And many others with dogs got out as well to enjoy the beauty of the lake after the storm.  We walked and stomped on a path made by others before us and enjoyed the pure sun. Boucle is now a very happy dog.

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