…two baby raccoons…..snuggling and keeping their eyes on me…….


Last evening…wedged  between two large trunks of the maple.  Mommy was way up higher, snoozing.

They stayed there until they heard our voices as I talked with a neighbor…..and then….scrambled up to Mommy to be safe and sound……….

…my garden……..

…look what flew over at lunch – a VROA Lancaster – WW II heavy bomber….


Under the umbrella at lunch hour today, I captured this very old plane from the 2nd World War, a Lancaster VROA heavy bomber, being able to carry the heaviest bombs in the war.  It was travelling very low….and very slow, with a deep rumbling sound.

Built by our famous Avro for the Royal Air Force, it started flying in 1942.  There are only a few left in the world, two being here in Canada.  What a special catch for me.

And especially special, because I used manual settings, manual focus on the fly with my 105 macro lens, which is what was attached to the camera (flower hunting you know).