…a sunny afternoon…….a man and two dogs…….


Yesterday was gorgeous weather.  Sunny, no wind.  It was about 5C where I was which felt still a bit crisp by the lake, and Boucle and I loved every minute of the day.

I hung laundry at 8AM, it was only 0C.  My fingers were like popsicles.

Had a client meeting in the morning…..and then took some time out of work in the afternoon as sweetie-pie and I went to the Lake.

One of the dogs with this man was a rescue, the one on the leash.  He had had him about 4 months, and the dog was about 4 years old.  He was still a puppy at heart. – wanting to play with Boucle.

The other dog the man was minding for his friend, who joined him later.

The dogs and the man knew how fine a day it was…..basking in the sun…