…this afternoon at the lake……


Boucle and I truly believe in seizing the moment….
And today it was one of those moments…..
The weather was beautiful…….
And knowing that we are in for a weekend of rain…..
Sweetie-pie and I headed to the lake this afternoon…..
Sweetie-pie is a happy poodle again…….    🙂

…beautiful Lake Ontario………



Taken from the Brant Street Pier – we were at the level of birds flying…..

That is the Skyway Bridge on your lower right.  The treeline from left to right is the beautiful Niagara Region.
The beautiful rich land of fruits trees, and Niagara’s well known vineyards.
Behind the Skyway Bridge is the City of Hamilton, which is on the Niagara Escarpment.
And high up and to the right of that is where there are a lot of special waterfalls, embedded in the escarpment, one of which is Webster Falls  (my photo from a couple of weeks ago)and Tews Falls of Spencer Gorge.

The previous ‘to the beach’ photo was taken from a few towers to the left of the bridge.  My car was parked there, and Boucle and I had to walk all the way back.
We then had a well deserved picnic.


…Brant Street Pier – Burlington……..




Boucle and I visited the lakefront in Burlington yesterday morning.

This is the Brant Street Pier.  I think it is new.
It is huge.  The first photo shows the scale of it from far away.

There is a Boucle and me reflection of the sign photo on Boucle’s blog.

Yesterday morning……Lake Ontario….