…Finally!….it took 4 years to read it……….


I started Emma four years ago.  Emma the paperbook.  Would read for about 1/2 hour in the evenings.  Mostly in winter.

Summer would come, and wouldn’t pick it up at all.  Read other books in between.

I bought a Kobo 2 weeks ago.  Bam!  Read the rest on the Kobo to the end.  Took just a few days.

I am old school and love physical books, and newspapers.

But I stopped having the newspaper delivered a couple of years ago when I acquired a tablet.  Didn’t feel there was any substantial content in the paper papers anymore.

And now I have gone to the dark side.

I LOVED reading the book Emma on the Kobo.  No fiddling with pages.  Easy to just place the Kobo on one spot, and with a gentle swipe, am on to the next page.  And I love that I can adjust the brightness and the font size.  I think why Emma the paper book took so long was because the font was teeny tiny.  Though I didn’t realize it at the time.

I will miss the paper paper books.  They are warm and comforting, especially on rainy or stormy days.

But now….I am a convert.  For any U.S. friends, the Kobo is similar to the Kindle.