…all sweetness….my Angel Christmas Tree topper……


My best friend and I went on one of our first Christmas shopping for ornaments excursion, over 35 years ago.

By bus, on a cold grey Montreal winter day. To Zellers. All excited to be shopping for tree ornaments.  On a tight young person’s budget. We bought many of the same ornaments. With large Zeller’s bags full of decorations, we went back to our apartments struggling with our bags on the bus.  I think I had to take two buses.  And decorated.

It is one of my best friend’s and I’s fondest memories.  We remember it every Christmas.

This is an angel topper, we each bought one.  I added a lace skirt.  She was probably about $4.  I loved her sweet expression.

We both still have the angel….though my bestfriend uses other toppers now.  But for me, she has been on my Christmas tree every year since.  Can’t replace her.  She is too sweet.

I really believe that she watches over Boucle and me each Christmas.


…all sweetness….my Angel Christmas Tree topper…… — 2 Comments

  1. You can’t top a topper like that. My mother used to work at Zellers in Montreal but more than 35 years ago. At that time she was working at Zellers in Dixie plaza in Mississauga.

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