I started off photographing Christmas decorations, but Boucle was right there and irresistable, so I took of few shots with the flash set up of sweetie-pie.  He is such a good dog……I would say..stay….and he would, right until I finished…..so  incredibly patient and I am so very lucky he is with me………..


 Nikon D700, 105mm 2.8VR Nikkor Micro, SB800 Nikon Flash, SB600 Nikon Flash, flash umbrella

…it arrived!…..

...Harper's Bazaar Greatest Hits......

 I recently ordered the new big coffee table book, “Harper’s Bazaar Greatest Hits” . And it appeared in my mailbox, within 2 days, yesterday afternoon. I really wanted to enjoy my first peek, so I waited until this morning to open it and give it my first look. It is a great book for inspiration as a photographer. It spans the years 2001 to 2011. I do wish it had gone back more in time. Maybe there are older books – I will have to check that out.

My first impression is fabulous! Beautiful photography, yet not perfect photography. Don’t you find that it is the moment captured, more than a technically perfect photo, that makes it have soul. There is one of Jennifer Annistan, a portrait closeup, and there is no crisp focus on her face, not even her eyes….the focus is on a small section of her hair on the side of her head, yet she is beautiful in it, one of her best. Some other photos, the focus is off, or the light or shadows off. Or they were shot in high contrast sunlight. Yet, they are still great photos. So one does not need to be so perfect in execution all the time.

The other thing I noticed is that the more out there the set up, the more likely it will appear in the magazine. Lots of jumping in the air. Lots of feathers! Seems that crazy feathers make it haute-couture fashion photography.

Oh yes, there are a couple of photos of Mark Jacobs, stark naked except for his hand covering his bits. Layed out on a fluffy pink fuchsia rug. What was he thinking!!

My favorite photos are some of the black-whites. And the ones that are less outrageously costumy….the ones that have beautiful sophisticated elegance.

…casual chic…..

...casual chic....

Purchased a few years ago for business, yet I rarely use it for business as I never want to place it on the floor!!! LOL.  At client’s businesses, most of the time, I place my handbag with my briefcase on the floor, since the second chair may or may not be occupied by an associate of theirs.  So my everyday bag is a large LV tote that can take a beating. 

But this one looks and feels so much nicer……….

…to be a girl…..

...to be a girl.....

This lipstick is on its way out…..I mean to the bin.  I adore  the case, the color, the sparkle in the color….really do not like the taste – taste’s like raspberry.  Why do they do that !?  But it is a pretty looking lipstick, so before it reached the bin, I thought I would take a photograph of it.

Natural light coming from the right with a white glossy photograph paper standing up on the left for some slight reflective fill.  Still life photographed on  white glossy photograph paper at the bottom. 


…the ponytail is going south!!….


Every era has a ponytail placed in a certain position.  In the the 90s at the top but back of the head, the 2000s mid head and combed and pulled in and then with an elastic tightly wound so that it stuck out, almost like a groomed horse’s tail.

The ponytail is going south!

It is starting to be worn at the nape of the neck in a very elegant fashion.  If you watched the recent Chanel shows, you will have seen that he had model after model with a simple elastic tied ponytail at the nape.  This black thing is a claw with chiffon pieces.  This past summer, I have been wearing the ponytail  mid head, and also more at the nape.  And also looser, so that hairs would fly out in the summer breeze.  Ohhhh summer, how I miss you:)

I am still playing with flash and processing and, trying to figure it all out.  Every few days I do a trial.  This is one.