…hear the rush of the waves………

What a gorgeous afternoon it was for Boucle and me to be at the lake.  It was very windy, with wave after wave.

I love the big woosh and sound of the waves…….so loud it drowns out all other sounds….

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…seize the moment………

I was busy in and out yesterday and felt sad for Boucle, as the temps were around 15C with warm winds, and he was inside.  So after my last out, and back in, I decided to seize the moment with sweetie-pie and head to the lake.  I love those spur of the moment moments, obligations permitting.

A whole bunch of parasailers had the same idea.  Those are sails sitting on the grass, and they are as big as tents.  The one in the air is guided by a man in a wet suit on the ground, practicing and enjoying the moment.  Every now and then being lifted into the sky and then back down again.

What a perfect afternoon.  And as sweetie-pie and I headed home, dark grey storm clouds were approaching from the west.  Perfect timing.

…sweetie-pie is now a happy dog……



Putting up the wave photo yesterday made me realize how much I had missed the lake.

It was 19C today, but overcast and damp. And after working this morning from 5AM, and doing some yard work that required no gloves and would be difficult when cold, I thought, you know….I need to go to the Lake with Boucle –  with my camera.  And that is what we did.  We went to the Lake this afternoon.  Just what we needed.

Now Boucle is lying on the sofa, exhausted and content, because he was out at the Lake today – and I am too.

Isn’t the Lake beautiful….even on an overcast October Friday afternoon………

…to be one with the world………….man and his bicycle……….

This morning Boucle and I headed out to a waterfront park.  The paths and rocks sit high above Lake Ontario, giving one a great sense of the immense lake, the wind blowing, the sound of the waves.  Its just you and the world……….

…sitting amongst the birds……a leisurely Sunday morning……

What to do on a Sunday morning……..

1.  Go to the lake early, and paddle board across it, while it is still calm………
2.  Set up beach towel on return from your lake crossing,  and pull out a magazine for some Sunday morning reading……
3. Be amongst the birds………

This paddle boarder regularly goes out on Sunday morning across the lake.  I have many picture of her from various days over the last couple of years.  This is the spot on the beach that she launches from and returns to.  Sometimes, there are other boarders with her.

I guess the birds are used to her, and they are all visiting at the same time,  geese and seagulls.  Some took flight, and the boarder did not even blink an eye, just kept on reading on a beautiful Sunday morning……  🙂

… Land of the Condos…Humber Bay Condo Buildings – Toronto


Boucle and I headed out on an excursion yesterday.  This time we went closer to the city.  This is an area just west of the downtown area of Toronto.  All these condos are overlooking Lake Ontario.  It is condo after condo, tower after tower.  Both pictures are taken from the same spot at Humber Bay Park, one looking west and one east.  I counted 5 or 6 cranes working new sites.  And one building half completed with glass, and waiting for the other half.  A very busy spot.

It is a desirable location, as it is waterfront, and not far from downtown.  The park is very nice too.

…early yesterday morning at the Lake…………..

Boucle and I headed out to the lake early yesterday morning.  It was calm and peaceful.

There is a small flock of geese flying and honking, on the left  And in the water, the black dots in the foreground are  seagulls.

On the horizon line, the black dots are boats and sail boats.  Many of them.  I have never seen so many that early in the morning lined up like that.  It was one long line of boats.  Upon my return to the house, the news said that the young  14 swimmer Annaleise Carr was still swimming across Lake Ontario.  Perhaps those boats were there cheering her on.

She did finish her swim last night around 9PM, from Niagara on the Lake to Toronto in 27 hours.  Quite a feat, and only 14 years young.