…a gorgeous day…….waterfront pier……..

This morning Boucle and I headed out west along Lake Ontario and stopped at a very pretty park.  This is their pier.  In the little sailboats are young children, all learning to sail…….

It was such a lovely morning that there were a lot of people out and about……

…Boucle loves finding a way into the shot……..sparkles this morning at the lake….

Yesterday, it was very mosquitoey humid…..today…all the humidity is gone and it is a gorgeous summer day.  So Boucle and I went down to the lake for some beach therapy to start our day.  Of course, sweetie-pie found a way to get into the shot.  I do have the same shot without him, but I just liked sweetie-pie in it, even if he isn’t all in it:)

It is a holiday here today, a beautiful summer day.  Hope you are having a great day too:)!

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…..”Wilson” has found his way to our beach……..

When I saw this ball on the beach, left and forgotten, I immediately thought of the Tom Hanks movie “Castaway”.  In the movie, he befriends a Wilson ball, which he called “Wilson”.

Wilson must have drifted on the ocean jet streams, up the St. Lawrence River, through the locks, the Thousand Island river and then landed on the shores of Lake Ontario.  Quite a journey for a ball.:))

…”Wilson” ….:))

…morning swans………..

I always try to head out as early as I can to the Lake because that is when you see the ducks, swans and geese.  Yesterday morning, Boucle and I saw some swans, and were lucky that they were ruffling their beautiful feathers, very swan like as they passed.  The lone duck must have gotten lost from his flock and was hitching a ride with the swan family.