…flying drone…….a first for me……


This was the first flying drone I have seen.  It was at the Scarborough Bluffs.

A gentleman had built it himself.  It has 6  propellers, which looked strange while it was sitting on the ground.  It had GPS and an onboard video camera.  He was testing it, and made note to mention that he was testing it where there were no people (privacy concerns I guess).  It was fantastic the way it hovered higher and higher in the sky, with a very loud buzzing sound.  He said it could reach a kilometre up.

Very neat.

…Prime Minister Stephen Harper laughing at a joke…….today…….at a Board of Trade meeting I attended……


I attended a Board of Trade meeting today and was very lucky to get a front row seat, at a table on the side.

This is our Prime Minister, the Rt. Honorable Prime Minister Stephen Harper laughing at a joke.  I think this joke was about accountants and tax laws.  And the whole room laughed too and  thought it was very funny, including me.

It is my favorite picture of the Prime Minister that I took from today because he is so relaxed in it.

…Burlington Canal Lift Bridge……..


Looking at the Hamilton steel mills under and through the lift bridge.


Lift Bridge deck is level.


Lift bridge deck is lifted and open.


It allows passage from Lake Ontario to Hamilton Harbour/Burlington Bay.  Hamilton Harbour is home to steel mills and the canal is an important feature for shipping the steel.

The Lift Bridge is the orange and green bridge, with the deck lifting straight up between the green posts.  The white bridge is the Skyway.  It is the Queen Elizabeth Way Highway bridge that is very well travelled .  It is so high that it must be closed in high winds.

I took a photo of the Hamilton Harbour from just below the orange girder.  You can see one of the steel mills.  Beyond and surrounding is the famous and very beautiful Niagara Escarpment.  I had rested the camera for the see-through view to the Harbour on the cement wall close to the bridge.

I was looking at the bridge and thought how fun it would be to be on it.  Later, driving, I ended up by happy coincidence right at the foot of the bridge when the lights went red and we had to wait in our cars.  The last two photos are when Boucle and I were waiting in the car..  One when it is level, and then one when the deck is lifted.