…new jeans……….

_JAS9818-WEB-Jeans-on-Chair _JAS9829-WEB-New-Jeans _JAS9846-WEB-Jeans-over-arm-of-chair

Every spring and every fall I make shopping trips, just for jeans.  And for the past year or so, dog walking jeans.  Dog walking jeans are jeans that are not too low rise so that I don’t have to keep pulling them up when I bend with sweetie-pie, or sit on rocks and then get up, or walk, walk, walk.

Yesterday, I purchased these jeans.  They are not dog walking jeans.  They are low rise.  Just can’t seem to find any dog walking ones.  What I would like are light weight, higher waisted to sit above hips,95% plus cotton, a little spandex for stretch, put in the washer with little wrinkling jeans.  Can that be too hard to make.  Really.  And of course, they must fit.

My new jeans…….the quest is not over………

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