…one week later….

_JAS1566-WEB-Gosling-one-week-laterLast week I miscounted and thought there were 8 goslings.  There are actually 10 goslings.  In the one week, their fuzziness is leaving and they are starting to develop slight goose coloring.  They have grown a lot in only a week.

The adult goose closest to me is watching and taking a guarding warning stance….head lowered and then jutting out and hissing at me and Boucle (who was on a tight leash because of the goslings).

Yet the family still kept getting closer to us and to shore.  They recognize my hat and Boucle and know we are harmless as we walk further down the beach….but still must give out their warnings.

In the upper right around the rocks is the other goose family from last week with 2 goslings.  So these two families seem to stick together.


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