…seize the moment………

I was busy in and out yesterday and felt sad for Boucle, as the temps were around 15C with warm winds, and he was inside.  So after my last out, and back in, I decided to seize the moment with sweetie-pie and head to the lake.  I love those spur of the moment moments, obligations permitting.

A whole bunch of parasailers had the same idea.  Those are sails sitting on the grass, and they are as big as tents.  The one in the air is guided by a man in a wet suit on the ground, practicing and enjoying the moment.  Every now and then being lifted into the sky and then back down again.

What a perfect afternoon.  And as sweetie-pie and I headed home, dark grey storm clouds were approaching from the west.  Perfect timing.

…sweetie-pie is now a happy dog……


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