….stay warm and cozy….fall harvest……


...stay warm and cozy.....fall harvest......

A week and a half ago, it felt like summer, the weather was in the high 20C (80F) and it was sunny and warm.  One could see the leaves slowly changing color, yet for the most part, everything was still green.  But knowing it was fall, I have been every day and every week doing fall chores and cleanup, otherwise everything happens at once, and then it is too late.

Three days ago, very few leaves had fallen….now my lawn is covered in oak leaves, a few you can see in the above harvest still life, with rain dew, as it had been raining on and off all day yesterday.  NOWW……it feels like fall.:)) 

Boucle and I got caught in a fall downpour yesterday morning on our walk, you should see what sweetie-pie’s pouff looks like:)  But we loved it, the unexpectedness of it, and the feeling of returning to a warm and dry home.

Hope the above gives you the cozy warm feel of a fall harvest.  Stay warm and dry! 

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