…look what my Mom found roaming in her backyard……!

My Mom lives in the Fraser River Valley and this is what she found in her backyard on Tuesday.  She took a video, this is a frame from her video that she faxed to me.  Quality not great….but it’s a Bear! so I thought I would share it with you all.

She said he was very big…huge… and he kept his eye on her while she looked out her window.

Last year she had a bear come down from the mountains and sit up in her cherry tree, picking and eating cherries.  He came back each day for a week.  Probably until every last cherry was picked.  Perhaps a bit like Pooh bear, but not as friendly.

I am glad she was inside and he was outside…:)

…baby tree hugger……

Way way up in my maple tree is a nest.  And in the nest lives one or more baby raccoons.  During the day, they snooze and snooze, finding the best position, and learning that when you snooze, you must wedge yourself between some limbs and become a tree hugger.

They learned this the hard way.  Earlier this month, my neighbor heard a thump, and then a scramble where mother raccoon quickly descended because baby raccoon had fallen 25ft to the ground.  Baby raccoon forgot to hug the tree.  Mother picked up  baby raccoon and brought him back to the nest.  The baby raccoon was no worse for wear.

You can see, that baby raccoon learned a lot that day.  He is firmly wedged and hugging the tree.