…How to set your blog so that comments are not automatically followed……….

Hi Everyone:

Not long ago, I started to receive everyone’s comments when I left a comment on someone’s blog.  It drove me crazy receiving email after email.  I had not made a request to follow these comments.     But I have found a way to not have this happen on my blog for people who leave comments here.

  • Go to your Dashboard, then Settings, then Discussion.
  • Scroll down until you see the two large ‘boxes’.
  • Below that there are three options. One is to ”Show a follow comments option in the comments form’‘. It is checked by default. Uncheck it.
  • Scroll on down and click Save Changes.
  • Wait for the page to re-load then check if the change you made was indeed saved.

So for all my followers, and visitors, if you leave a comment, you will NOT have ALL the comments sent to your email box.

Happy Day to you all!:))

Best Jane & Boucle