This was set up  to have a 1920s feel, with the dress, necklace and shape of the hat.

Boucle wanted to be in all the shots.  He sat beside me on the sofa the whole time.  So, he ended up in them all. And this one was the gem of Boucle.  This was the last shot I took, and you can see how Boucle felt about it.  Not exactly chasing squirrels.:)

How Boucle and I spent Sunday afternoon……..

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…Boucle loves finding a way into the shot……..sparkles this morning at the lake….

Yesterday, it was very mosquitoey humid…..today…all the humidity is gone and it is a gorgeous summer day.  So Boucle and I went down to the lake for some beach therapy to start our day.  Of course, sweetie-pie found a way to get into the shot.  I do have the same shot without him, but I just liked sweetie-pie in it, even if he isn’t all in it:)

It is a holiday here today, a beautiful summer day.  Hope you are having a great day too:)!

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