Got up yesterday morning and looked over to the tulips and every single one was drooped completely onto the table.  My eyes went wide………! …quickly looked them over and brought them to the sink to fill up the vase.  They had drunk the entire vase of water overnight.

The water was just what they wanted, and with a bit of cooing….oh you are so beautiful…you will be fine…… …and look at them now:))))))


Favorite …welcome to my new domain home…………

Welcome to my new domain.  In the last few weeks I have been busy setting up a new self-hosted domain for my blog and for Boucle’s Blog.  Mine being http://janeanastasia.com and Boucle’s http://bouclethepoodle.janeanastasia.com/. There are still some refinements to make, but the main set up is done.

For those who have had email subscriptions, your subscription has followed you to this new domain.

For those on the wordpress.com reader/follow system, you will need to subscribe, and  then will receive new posts automatically into your email inbox

Thank you for all your visits to Boucle and me.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!   Best Jane & Boucle


…lilacs in french flower pot………

I am extending my cedar hedge and needed to cut 3 large branches that were leaning over to my neighbors.  The bouquet is courtesy of  that lilac branch.  The pot now sits on my mantel.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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