…a sunny afternoon…….a man and two dogs…….


Yesterday was gorgeous weather.  Sunny, no wind.  It was about 5C where I was which felt still a bit crisp by the lake, and Boucle and I loved every minute of the day.

I hung laundry at 8AM, it was only 0C.  My fingers were like popsicles.

Had a client meeting in the morning…..and then took some time out of work in the afternoon as sweetie-pie and I went to the Lake.

One of the dogs with this man was a rescue, the one on the leash.  He had had him about 4 months, and the dog was about 4 years old.  He was still a puppy at heart. – wanting to play with Boucle.

The other dog the man was minding for his friend, who joined him later.

The dogs and the man knew how fine a day it was…..basking in the sun…


…morning at the off leash park – early Sunday morning………..

It was like a dog fest Sunday morning.  All these dogs have had their fun and were off to the parking lot.  We were headed in the other direction, to the open area of the off leash park………

Boucle and I were fascinated by the two standard poodles…beautiful dogs……

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