…lady with leopard coat……….


No time to take pictures this week. Very busy with work. I just love taking photos, playing with them, and printing them.  And I miss it when I can’t.   Finally yesterday, I was able to take some time to put this together.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Used one SB800 Flash in a shoot through umbrella, triggered by D700, camera right.


…softly through the light………

I framed this print into a custom frame  this morning, for my bedroom.  Below are pictures, one against a dark background and the other against a light background.

This is available as a card or fine art print at my Redbubble Shop – here


I really wanted something simple as the frame is quite ornate.  And I wanted something blush pink with soft feminity to add that romantic feel to my bedroom.  As you can see, it works well in both a light and dark room.  My bedroom is more light, light drapes and bedding with a touch of dark in some pillows.

A print like this would work equally well in a classic modern frame with straight edges in the frame.  Simple and elegant.