…this morning………November at the Lake……..

November is not my favorite month of the year…actually a toss up between November and February as the least favorite.  When I think of November, this image is the kind of picture in my mind that I see, very November.

All the leaves are gone…skies are grey……cold is settling in….windy…….

Trying out my new 24mm lens this morning at the Lake with Boucle.

To see Boucle’s picture at the lake visit Boucle’s blog


….look up……straight up……..

The beginning of my oak tree changing color.  The leaf raking has begun, though it is still just the beginning.

This is the beauty of fall to me.  Walking along the streets and then looking up and seeing the beautiful colors while the leaves are still on the tree.

I found these very comfy dog walking shoes for fall……….

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I found these fabulous new dog walking shoes for fall.

When the days are crisp, but still warm enough that one does not want to wear winter boots, yet regular shoes are a bit cool, these shoes are just right.

They are very soft supple leather like butter, including the band around the back of the ankle.  The ankles are high enough to provide a bit of warm to your feet.  The insides have a bit of fuzziness, not too much, just enough for that added bit of warm.  The soles are very soft rubber with wonderful flex, for easy bending of the foot.  The bottom does have some grip and bite when walking on pavement. And they are easy to slip on and off as they have a wide opening and velcro closures.

All in all, just wonderful dog walking shoes.  And would be great for photography walking too. Soft, comfy with the right warmth for fall.

They are made by Josef Seibel.  I have not noticed this label before.  But did the other day as they have some great Converse like leather shoes  in fabulous funky colors that caught my eye.  These were right beside those and I picked them up, loved the soft leather and tried them on.  Just right.

BTW – I have no association in any way with the label or the shoe stores.  Just thought I would pass on something that I really like.

Happy walking everyone! 🙂