…my feel good inspiration board……while I work……..

This is supposed to be my business bulletin board for contact numbers at a glance and other at a glance info.

I don’t know what happened…….but somehow it morphed all on its own to my feel good inspiration board.  The business info is buried under the pics, and there are only 3 business contact info sheets visible (I blurred out the numbers and names).  How can this happen? :))))))

I love this board, it does make me feel good when I look at it.  I just looked into expanding it.  I will get two 40 inch wide cork boards for a mix of photos, inspiration, and business info.

…inspiration……….the September issues are in!…

I purchase the September issues of a couple of the best fashion magazines each year. The September issues are the biggest and fattest ,and  jam packed with the best fashion and photography work of the year.  Can’t miss issues for me.  I brought home Vogue and In Style, and have torn out some pages for inspiration and for their beautiful dresses.    On the top is a Vera Wang dress, so pretty, so feminine.

Lots to browse through……