…lean on me………and…..basking in the sun…….enjoying a sunny winter afternoon…..


What a fabulous winter day yesterday.  Sunny, blue skies.  I have missed the sun so much.

Boucle and I headed out to Mississauga yesterday afternoon to walk on a paved path park and waterfront trail.  The regular trails are still too messy and mucky.

Everyone was out.  So many cars out, so many people walking with their children, their dogs, and as couples.  Happy people.

The woman is leaning on the man.  Sweet.  Relaxing. Happy day.


Two ladies enjoying. It looks like she is snoozing, but I think that she was leaning back to feel the glorious sun.

I spoke with them.  The blonde lady asked about Boucle’s sweater, and we started a conversation about dogs, dog sweaters.  She has a white shitzu mix.  Lovely ladies.

…Saturday afternoon at the lake……..

Happy Day everyone!