…it is always hard to let go of sparkles……

A couple of summer cotton sweaters that made it to the bin in my spring clean up.  I bought two, identicals, of them when I purchased them because I loved the jewel encrusted neckline so much.  And I did wear them and wear them –  both.  But, sadly, they are so worn, that they are now no longer.

As a girl, it is always hard to let go of sparkles…..:)

…dreams of roses………..

One of my favorite prints…soft and dreamy, subtle in color, formal yet casual.  I am framing this one for my living room with a very large mat and a delicate frame.

This is available as a card or fine art print at my Redbubble Shop – here

…the skies are darkening……clothes on a line……

Well today started out spectacular – the sun was out, blue skies and warm.  As the day slowly went on, and once I hung the laundry on the line, bit by hour bit, it clouded over, got windy and now looks very gloomy.  But the laundry is dry and back in the house:)

For my clothes on a line series.

…budding signs of spring……….

Even the maple is basking in the gorgeous warmth of the last few days and is budding.  I have seen the lilacs budding as well and magnolias too.  Alas, yesterday was the last day of the summer warmth in spring…today cooler and then brisk again.

…spring is around the corner………..

Oh the anticipation of spring –  the warmth, the freshness, the pretty colors.  This week will be warm and springlike, the birds will come out, my tulips will grow even more, and  I will be putting out my patio and deck furniture to enjoy this lovely weather.

These beautiful lilacs conjure up my feelings of spring…

This is available as a card or print at my Redbubble Shop – here