….stay warm and cozy….fall harvest……


...stay warm and cozy.....fall harvest......

A week and a half ago, it felt like summer, the weather was in the high 20C (80F) and it was sunny and warm.  One could see the leaves slowly changing color, yet for the most part, everything was still green.  But knowing it was fall, I have been every day and every week doing fall chores and cleanup, otherwise everything happens at once, and then it is too late.

Three days ago, very few leaves had fallen….now my lawn is covered in oak leaves, a few you can see in the above harvest still life, with rain dew, as it had been raining on and off all day yesterday.  NOWW……it feels like fall.:)) 

Boucle and I got caught in a fall downpour yesterday morning on our walk, you should see what sweetie-pie’s pouff looks like:)  But we loved it, the unexpectedness of it, and the feeling of returning to a warm and dry home.

Hope the above gives you the cozy warm feel of a fall harvest.  Stay warm and dry! 

…leopard is in again this year…….

This was a test shot for a composition I wanted to make for tomorrow.  It was going to be the shoes straight up with the leopard belt wound tighter and placed more neatly, all on a white pure white bottom and pure white background.  I rather liked the background, so I am uploading this.  I will still probably try my original idea to see how it compares.

BTW, leopard is very big this season (don’t they always say that:)), and shoes are starting to lose their platforms (thank you! didn’t wear them!) and heels are going chunkier.  Wonderful stability for my feet.  Very hard to wear hardcore fashion in shoes.  Oh yes….these are not “L” shoes, you know the ones I mean…..the red is photoshopped for drama:))


…there are times to be a girl…..and then there are …….

black and white – lace skirt

 Another one from my halloween lace skirt shots.  Worked on BW processing.  Watched a photoshop session online early this morning.  Saw a couple of buttons I haven’t used yet and tried them out. 

It is a beautiful day here today, and in contrast to the feminine image above, I will be out in my garden clothes today.  I will be getting out my reciprocating saw, and cordless drill and redirecting a downspout.  Such a contrast! LOL:)

There are times to be a girl…..and then there are times when you do what you gotta do.  Actually, I do enjoy doing projects around the house.  This will be a first though, we wil see how it goes.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!:)) xoxo

Is what you see, what was really there?

Vanity Fair cover

Every now and then, I purchase certain magazines to thumb through them for the pictures:)) Sounds soooooo intelligent..LOL!  Actually, I really am looking at the pictures to see how they frame them, the compositions, locations, backgrounds, how they light and the post processing.  I particulary like going through Vanity Fair and Fall Vogue for their spectacular ads, some decorating mazazines…and even flyers and catalogues that I receive at home. 

So I purchased this Vanity Fair, and a Vogue at the same time.  Still haven’t read the Angelina Jolie story, as not too interested in her, but did read some other articles. 

My observation about all the ad campaigns, and photography in these magazines…..each one goes through extensive post processing – to either idealize the subject or to create a mood, using color, tones, curves, cloning etc…

It really is a part of taking pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all my Canadian friends!:)  I hope you are out enjoying our fine weather.  I will be out with Boucle all day today…it is sunshine and warm here.