We’ve had more and more rain.  Yesterday it was beautiful.  Today back to rain.  For the next two weeks, long term forecast is for rain, lots of it.

This makes me feel happy and summer.

This is available as a fine art print.



…olde fashion pink rose……..


These climbing roses have been there for at least 20 years.  The neighborhood was built in the late 1940s onward.  So the roses may very well have been there even longer.

Their scent is so wonderful, and I think that the old fashion roses have the nicest and most fragrant scents.

They have now dropped their petals and faded away until next June…….

This is available as a fine art print.



…roses and tea…………


Three roses remain. The rest have drooped. So sad to see the last of them, but what happiness they brought me.  This will be the last of my roses photos from this beautiful bouquet.

Used SB800 Flash with umbrella, camera right as they were backlit alot –  and F3 to get the shallow DOF, framed in camera.


This is available as a fine art print.

…in the shadow of the light…….


I picked up some beautiful long stemmed pink roses this week to lift my spirits while we are in the deep freeze.  Today is the last day of the deep freeze and Boucle will enjoy returning to longer walks tomorrow.

I wanted to capture the feeling of winter sunshine streaming through the window.  Hope you enjoy.

Have a great day! 🙂

This is available as a fine art print.