…hear the rush of the waves………

What a gorgeous afternoon it was for Boucle and me to be at the lake.  It was very windy, with wave after wave.

I love the big woosh and sound of the waves…….so loud it drowns out all other sounds….

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Putting up the wave photo yesterday made me realize how much I had missed the lake.

It was 19C today, but overcast and damp. And after working this morning from 5AM, and doing some yard work that required no gloves and would be difficult when cold, I thought, you know….I need to go to the Lake with Boucle –  with my camera.  And that is what we did.  We went to the Lake this afternoon.  Just what we needed.

Now Boucle is lying on the sofa, exhausted and content, because he was out at the Lake today – and I am too.

Isn’t the Lake beautiful….even on an overcast October Friday afternoon………



Boucle and I arrive quite early at the beach and on Monday, we were there before the clean up crews arrived.  These two sets of shoes, one set from a little boy and one from a little princess girl, were left on the beach, forgotten, quite close to each other.
I imagine that the parents had been there all day, and it was finally time to go, and the little ones did not want to, oh what fun they had playing in the water until the last minute, when the parents said “let’s go!” and off they went, and completely forget about their shoes.

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