…early yesterday morning at the Lake…………..

Boucle and I headed out to the lake early yesterday morning.  It was calm and peaceful.

There is a small flock of geese flying and honking, on the left  And in the water, the black dots in the foreground are  seagulls.

On the horizon line, the black dots are boats and sail boats.  Many of them.  I have never seen so many that early in the morning lined up like that.  It was one long line of boats.  Upon my return to the house, the news said that the young  14 swimmer Annaleise Carr was still swimming across Lake Ontario.  Perhaps those boats were there cheering her on.

She did finish her swim last night around 9PM, from Niagara on the Lake to Toronto in 27 hours.  Quite a feat, and only 14 years young.