…lady in necklace………

_JAS8246-2WEB-Jane-in-Hat-and-NecklaceI like the colors in this one.  This is almost in camera colors, just a bit of lightening.  I feel it has a Renoir kind of feel.  There is a Renoir painting called Girl in a Pink Hat at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art.   It is beautiful and one of my favorite paintings, and it has  the soft pinks found in this background.


…lady with leopard coat……….


No time to take pictures this week. Very busy with work. I just love taking photos, playing with them, and printing them.  And I miss it when I can’t.   Finally yesterday, I was able to take some time to put this together.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Used one SB800 Flash in a shoot through umbrella, triggered by D700, camera right.


…lady in a black tulle hat………


Made my first ever crockpot stew yesterday. Received the crockpot from my Mom last year, so it was fitting to give it a go before Christmas this year.  A bit too watery, but incredibly good.

Yesterday afternoon was my time for play, so I put together this set up for a photo session.  One umbrella, one SB800 flash, camera right.  Black background.  This is processed only a little, as the lighting turned out quite well.

The set up: Hat, is the same hat from another shoot.  However, I placed some black tulle loosely around it to give it a completely new look.  The feathers, is a fascinator, i.e. headband with feathers, that I put around it.  The necklace is a Myriam Haskell necklace, (love her gorgeous pearl work).  The gloves are from a Halloween shop for $6.  The dress –  is really a camisole, with a Betsey Johnson scarf placed over it, to look like a dress.


…another one from the shoot on Friday………

This one I liked because you can see the shape of the tophat.  The other one I liked because it had a feeling of a person.

The tophat is quite special to me.  I was 17, and my boyfriend at the time had a tophat.  In those day, tophats were still worn for certain special occasions, such as weddings and special affairs.  One afternoon, he said he was going to buy me a tophat, and we went downtown to St. Catherine Street in Montreal, to Classy Formalwear.  If you are Canadian, you probably remember them.  I tried it on, and M.L. purchased this hat for me.

Someone accidentally sat on it in Jasper, Alberta, as we were using it for a talent show we were putting on.  There is a big crease in the center.  But it is still with me, a genuine tophat.


…it’s all about the light………..

I envisioned almost spotlight lighting on me,  with lots of surrounding black, using flash,  and I am happy with the results.

This was an experiment  and I used black backgrounds, a black chair for the set up.  And two flash umbrellas camera right.