…lady….turn of the century…………..


This was my Boxing Day playing.  Set up to look like turn of the century, with pattern upon pattern layered and deep rich colors.

This was taken in my soft colored livingroom, with things brought in from around the house.  The rug is from the entrance, the flowers from the bedroom.  The chair is a diningroom chair and the background is fabric that I clipped to my livingroom drapes.

The hat is a faux sable mink winter hat, jacket is a Max Mara business jacket, shoes are summer shoes of lacey leather, which I thought worked well with the jacket colors and the look of the era.  Leather gloves. The skirt is a very old skirt that I made 15 years ago.  I originally put a piece of luggage in the frame but it became too busy.

Lighting did not work out as well as my previous set up.  I am not sure why.  I moved it around, went from one to two umbrellas, and still was not completely satisfied. Perhaps it was so much burgundy surrounding me.  This one had to be processed, whereas the previous was very little processing.

I am thinking of doing the 70s next.