…inspiration……….the September issues are in!…

I purchase the September issues of a couple of the best fashion magazines each year. The September issues are the biggest and fattest ,and  jam packed with the best fashion and photography work of the year.  Can’t miss issues for me.  I brought home Vogue and In Style, and have torn out some pages for inspiration and for their beautiful dresses.    On the top is a Vera Wang dress, so pretty, so feminine.

Lots to browse through……

Is what you see, what was really there?

Vanity Fair cover

Every now and then, I purchase certain magazines to thumb through them for the pictures:)) Sounds soooooo intelligent..LOL!  Actually, I really am looking at the pictures to see how they frame them, the compositions, locations, backgrounds, how they light and the post processing.  I particulary like going through Vanity Fair and Fall Vogue for their spectacular ads, some decorating mazazines…and even flyers and catalogues that I receive at home. 

So I purchased this Vanity Fair, and a Vogue at the same time.  Still haven’t read the Angelina Jolie story, as not too interested in her, but did read some other articles. 

My observation about all the ad campaigns, and photography in these magazines…..each one goes through extensive post processing – to either idealize the subject or to create a mood, using color, tones, curves, cloning etc…

It really is a part of taking pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all my Canadian friends!:)  I hope you are out enjoying our fine weather.  I will be out with Boucle all day today…it is sunshine and warm here.