…new winter dog walking boots……….

Winter in Toronto can be everything you imagine winter to be. Bitterly cold, snowy, slushy, and icy……brrrrrrr……..And it can also be sunny,.. bright.. crispy,.. clear blue blue skies,.. frosty breath, sparkly snow….silence and the crunch of a footstep in the snow.

For me to get outside and go for walks with sweetie-pie, I must be warm, cozy and dry……..from head to toe.

You saw the wonderful fall walking boots that I featured in September.  They turned out great, I love them.  Wear them everyday, and they are so comfortable.

These are my new winter dog walking boots.  They are by Merrell, another new label for me.  Though they are not very elegant, they are super comfy, warm and practical.  What I like about them are:

  •  waterproof – the leather is waterproofed, fabulous rubber soles that wrap up, especially around the toe, which get wet the most. The black parts are rubberized and follow the edge around  and the heel cup for added waterproofing.
  •  warm – look at all that fur, right down, with the insole being fur too – cozy warm
  •  warm cuff – that can be kept down or rolled up, should it be a particularly cold day, so more of the leg is covered
  • deep rubber treads – the tread even wraps up behind the heel a bit, which is where we land our feet first, so no slipping under.
  • comfy  – roomy and comfy with the lace ups providing custom fit.

These would be great for photographic winter walks as well.

So now I am ready for walking with sweetie-pie on beautiful winter days……..