…the ponytail is going south!!….


Every era has a ponytail placed in a certain position.  In the the 90s at the top but back of the head, the 2000s mid head and combed and pulled in and then with an elastic tightly wound so that it stuck out, almost like a groomed horse’s tail.

The ponytail is going south!

It is starting to be worn at the nape of the neck in a very elegant fashion.  If you watched the recent Chanel shows, you will have seen that he had model after model with a simple elastic tied ponytail at the nape.  This black thing is a claw with chiffon pieces.  This past summer, I have been wearing the ponytail  mid head, and also more at the nape.  And also looser, so that hairs would fly out in the summer breeze.  Ohhhh summer, how I miss you:)

I am still playing with flash and processing and, trying to figure it all out.  Every few days I do a trial.  This is one.

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