…the Scarborough Bluffs………Lake Ontario…..

_JAS0261-WEB-Scarborough-Bluffs _JAS0248-WEB-Scarborough-Bluffs-beach-curve _JAS0208-WEB-Scarborough-Bluffs,-long-view

This is what Boucle and I wanted to see when we went out on our excursion on Saturday.

The Scarborough Bluffs were formed 12,000 years ago.  They are about  60 metres, or about 200 feet high and made of hardened sand, not rock.  They stretch along the shore of Lake Ontario for about 15 kilometres, which is about 10 miles.

If you look closely at the beach right under the bluffs, you will see little people – for a sense of the scale.  The first photo I posted, yesterday’s post, was from the top of the bluffs  – looking down.

…beautiful Lake Ontario………

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