…there are times to be a girl…..and then there are …….

black and white – lace skirt

 Another one from my halloween lace skirt shots.  Worked on BW processing.  Watched a photoshop session online early this morning.  Saw a couple of buttons I haven’t used yet and tried them out. 

It is a beautiful day here today, and in contrast to the feminine image above, I will be out in my garden clothes today.  I will be getting out my reciprocating saw, and cordless drill and redirecting a downspout.  Such a contrast! LOL:)

There are times to be a girl…..and then there are times when you do what you gotta do.  Actually, I do enjoy doing projects around the house.  This will be a first though, we wil see how it goes.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!:)) xoxo

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