…what goes around, comes back around……..flashback to 1981..

..what goes around, comes back around……..flashback to 1981……

Sequins are big, biG, BIG again!!!  They will be everywhere, not just small peek-a-boo sequins, but sequins alllllll over.  Jackets of sequins, skirts and full short dresses of sequins.

Ah yes, I remember when, as a very very young woman, I went to Holt Renfrew to purchase this sequin top.  I thought it was perfect for the Christmas holiday season.  It is silver, and I could pair it with a short skirt, a long skirt as well as black pants – depending on the formality of the function.  It did serve me well that holiday season, and has not been worn since.

They say that what goes around, comes back around….well yes….sort of…..but saving it for that would never work – it is 30 YEARS LATER! – and the sleeves are too puffy, I am a few pounds heavier (not much but enough to make it a bit snug), and I will not wear THAT many sequins now, even if it is in fashion.  I do love sparkle though, so may try to find something that is a bit more subtle, perhaps a camisole under a jacket.

Are you saving your classic treasures for the next time they come around?


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